Star Wars fans rejoice as actor reveals Han shot first

Filmmaker George Lucas has received endless flack for his “adjustments” to the original Star Wars trilogy, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be letting up any time soon.
Actor Paul Blake, who played “Greedo” in the first film, cleared some things up in an interview with New York Daily News this Wednesday in honour of what fans call “unofficial Star Wars day”, May 4 (“may the fourth be with you”, a play on the popular phrase from the movie).
Blake said in the interview that he wished Lucas would have left his scene in particular unaltered, saying it made his character look grossly incompetent.
“He was a bit inept wasn’t he? He’s a worse shot than a Stormtrooper.”
'Han shoots the alien.' From Greedo himself comes the final answer to the question who shot first. Although he only just confirmed what fans already knew to be truth, in an interview with New York Daily News, he adds further insight. 'That's all {the script} said and that's what happened. It was very painful.'
“Han shoots the alien.” Although only confirming what fans already knew, in an interview with New York Daily News, he adds further insight. “That’s all {the script} said and that’s what happened. It was very painful.”
In the original version of A New Hope, Harrison Ford’s character (“Han Solo”) is in an argument with Greedo over the bounty on Solo’s head, when Solo shoots and kills Greedo without hesitation.
In the special edition, Lucas made a number of changes to the film’s universe – one of which featured Greedo firing at and missing Solo, forcing him to fire back in self defense.
Fans maintain that Lucas’ decision compromises the integrity of Solo’s character arc (rogue smuggler to venerated hero) for the sake of something more “family friendly”.
Lucas has doubled down in the past, going so far as to claim that Han had always “shot first”, and that fans were simply confused.

Blake puts the claims to rest, though, saying the original script begs to differ.

“…we played in the scene in English and at the end of the scene, it reads, ‘Han shoots the alien.’ It’s all it says and that’s what happened.”

Fans of the trilogy say it’s an admission long overdue.

You don’t need the actor that played Greedo to tell you Han shot first. There are millions of witnesses that were alive back then! 

  1. It’s not “Han shot first.” It’s “Greedo didn’t shoot.” 

    A few fans took the opportunity to get a jab in at Lucas.

    We all know Han shot first except for George. 

    Everyone wants to believe this Han Solo film is happening. But we all know that George Lucas will step in to make GREEDO shoot first.

Lucas has ceased to be involved with the franchise as of the last installment of the almost-universally panned prequel trilogy; and for the time being, it would seem that fans are hoping it stays that way.

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